April 19th, 2010

Israeli`s Metal in best Russian rock traditions

First to what my attention stics to is lyrics stylized as slavic folk tales – ?????? with jewish accent,what in musical performance is uniting top of sometimes Rammstein,sometimes ?????? ? ??? (legendary Russian punk band),sometimes something gothic look-alike Metal.

Actually,those who are into typical Russian rock sound,will love this record and won`t believe, that this record is done in Israel,not in Russia.

May be unfortunately,but for me luckily (because of my good russian knowledge) lyrics here are central part,and those who don`t understand Russian will miss main reason for sticking to this band.

 It`s enough “punk” (from lyrical point of view) to get your attention,it`s enough goth to consolidate with your soul & enough progressive to admit it as “heavy” & enough folk to speak to your heart.

If you are Israeli,you`ll find this record as ultra interesting,but due to I don`t have hebrew blood (no metter how I would want it =] ) , I didn`t get here what Iwas searching for…so I`ll get back to my Orphaned Land discography,but mind just keeps on singing…??? ?? ??? ?? ??… ??? ????? ???? ? ??? ????…

Speaking about new Gevolt records…??? ?????? ????? =)


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