…and since I went shopping the other day, I thought I’d write my “recently acquired” list for xmas/xmas sales.

Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God (2 disc special edition) – My album of the year
Sonic Syndicate – Love and Other Disasters
Aborted – Strychnine .213

Yeah. I need more money. I’m hoping to get some more, but it comes down to whether my cheap bids on eBay stay strong!

This is only a short update, but as per Synperium’s myspace, the Transfiguration EP has been discounted by 50%! The CD is now available for $7.50 ($5 + $2.50 postage). This is a great Christmas gift, so get clicking, head over to the myspace page and buy yourself a copy to stick under the tree!

I can honestly tell you that it is one of the best recordings I’ve heard in sometime. Death metal at is finest.

…just came on (currently listening using Foobar2000 v0.9.6 beta, excellent freeware) and really, I felt the urge to write about it for a couple of reasons:-

  1. There is so much shit surging in my mind, getting this out will be beneficial
  2. If you haven’t heard of this before now, and you start listening, I will consider it an ultimate victory for humanity

Sure, there will be the people who disagree, and probably even consider me to be a BM noob because they band has “sold out” (explained here), but this album is the best I’ve heard (having amassed about 2000 songs worth of black metal on my PC as well as ~40 legit CDs).

Godkiller – The End of the World


The album is spectaculr – 9 tracks full of that black metal feel that everyone loves, and with a stack of medievil feel included. There are no words to describe how I see this album, other than it just sprung straight out and said “this is the best black metal you’ve ever heard”.

Give it a go.

So it’s that time of the month again, where I chuck all the info about my recent purchases up. September saw me shying away from Record Stores, and I’ve found myself exploring genres I have previously had little or no interest in (especially grind and black). My purchases have all come from eBay, an excellent source for metal that is otherwise unattainable in Australia.

The list is as follows:

Goat Semen/Anal Vomit – Devotos del Diablo (Split CD)
Angel Corpse – The Inexorable
Impetigo – House of The Zombies
Holocausto Canibal/Mixamatosis – Morbosa Carnosidade Putrefacra
Torka – Old Hatred
Throneum/Necroculltus/Sanctifier – Split
Stormweaver – War Against Morals
Lapis Niger – New Order of Chaos
Kroll – Jesous Christos
Gotmoor – Vlaemsche Premitieven
Dark Dominion/Scratain – Split
FUNEREAL MOON – Luciferian Symphonies Of Destruction

ALLAXUL – Astra Tenenti Cunctipotenti

The CDs listed in green, cost me a total of $6.93 (before postage…$16.93 after postage)

So, I’ve been a complete slacker, and let the blog go to the shitter (again), but have some time to revive it tonight.  It’s about time I give Dave and Dimaension X a massive plug having downloaded his new album “Ugotllathath” (quite the mouthful) from the net (yet another FREE release, with a link to be found on Dave’s official blog)

Ugo Front Cover

Now I know those who have heard DX’s material in the past, will be expecting another metal journey, but they will be suprised. The “open minded” metalhead, who is willing to expand their listening outside the thrash and bang of metal into other genres, will be able to appreciate the avante-garde nature of this release, that sees a fusion across many genres (jazz improv, jazz fusion, experimental) to create a musical adventure. Hell, old school gamers might even see similarities to some old school DOS game soundtracks.

The twelve track album lasts for just under an hour, and is a journey across the genre landscape. Whilst there is a fusion of many genres throughout the album, the metal undertone is still there. Massive drumming, droning guitarwork and haunting melodies all helping to form one stunning release (with all track names coming from Seventh Sanctum)

There are no standout tracks. There are no disappointing tracks. No amount of superlatives will be able to describe this album, without doing it justice. It’s just an excellent release. I emplore metalheads (and rockers alike) to click 4 buttons, and get a copy of this album. If you don’t like it, put it in a folder seldom used. If you love it, turn it up and rock out. Hell, get it, turn it up and send a big “fuck you” to the bigshot executives ruining the music industry!

Visit the blog to be linked to the Internet Archive section, and be sure to leave Dave a comment with your opinions on the album.
The album is available for free download in accordance with Creative Commons Licensing.

My PCD review got featured in the Spirit of Metal webzine.

So proud of myself :D

If you are quick, and can get to the Open Grave Records site, the heroes there have decided to put up 9 albums for FREE (absolutely) download (as long as you respect the “do not distribute” request) 9 albums from their catalogue. This is absolutely amazing, and sees OGR conform to a similar state of thinking as the fellas down at Hi.Arc.Tow (similar, because they don’t ALWAYS put music up for free, let alone their entire catalogue).

In an age were many in the recording industry are interested purely in money (the “American Idol” scourge is an example of this) and where music is a passenger to economics, moves such as these bring music back to it’s roots, and what it really should be about – enjoyment. Many bands these days are getting underpaid, while the bigwigs at the top are raking in the cash (according to Viventi, Universal Music raked in nearly 5 billion euros (~A$8.5B) in the last financial year.), bands are getting screwed over. Now, I admit, releasing music for free isn’t helping anyone make any money, but it is providing individuals with a taste of what’s on offer (and in this instance, all 9 CDs are stunning!), gives the customer insentive to go buy CDs! Hell OGR even have a massive list of CDs up for US$6 on their website.

The titles that are up for grabs (for a few more hours)  are across the genres of death metal, grindcore, black metal and thrash metal (Primative Graven Image the most notable). Get clickin’ and get your free music!

So, this is my first post (I think).

The last month or so, has seen me buy so many CDs and vinyls (I haven’t bought this much in a very, very long time), with the standout being winning the eBay auction for the sold out Jungle Fever/The Dead Walk! – 7″ Split (which now completes my collection of TDW! material). So here’s the list:

JF/TDW! – 7″ Split

Rage Against The Macine – People of the Sun EP (10″ Vinyl)
Jack Napier – Revenge
Life.Love.Regret – Sick Of Goodbyes
Bad Blood – Harsh Reality EP

50 Lions/Down to Nothing – Split (7″ vinyl)

Extortion – Sick

That’s all for the moment, because I don’t get paid until next Friday, and I need to save some money! Although, I’m thinking (very seriously) about buying a copy of the Anal Cunt’s 7″ split w/Flachenbrand. Hell, I’ll end up throwing more money away at vinyls and cds anyway!

That’s all for tonight folks. Tomorrow night, I think I might do the first of my “bands of the week”…or “albums of the week”. Yeah, definitely album of the week, for I have a lot more than I do “bands”.

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