So, I’ve been a complete slacker, and let the blog go to the shitter (again), but have some time to revive it tonight.  It’s about time I give Dave and Dimaension X a massive plug having downloaded his new album “Ugotllathath” (quite the mouthful) from the net (yet another FREE release, with a link to be found on Dave’s official blog)

Ugo Front Cover

Now I know those who have heard DX’s material in the past, will be expecting another metal journey, but they will be suprised. The “open minded” metalhead, who is willing to expand their listening outside the thrash and bang of metal into other genres, will be able to appreciate the avante-garde nature of this release, that sees a fusion across many genres (jazz improv, jazz fusion, experimental) to create a musical adventure. Hell, old school gamers might even see similarities to some old school DOS game soundtracks.

The twelve track album lasts for just under an hour, and is a journey across the genre landscape. Whilst there is a fusion of many genres throughout the album, the metal undertone is still there. Massive drumming, droning guitarwork and haunting melodies all helping to form one stunning release (with all track names coming from Seventh Sanctum)

There are no standout tracks. There are no disappointing tracks. No amount of superlatives will be able to describe this album, without doing it justice. It’s just an excellent release. I emplore metalheads (and rockers alike) to click 4 buttons, and get a copy of this album. If you don’t like it, put it in a folder seldom used. If you love it, turn it up and rock out. Hell, get it, turn it up and send a big “fuck you” to the bigshot executives ruining the music industry!

Visit the blog to be linked to the Internet Archive section, and be sure to leave Dave a comment with your opinions on the album.
The album is available for free download in accordance with Creative Commons Licensing.


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