Event Review – The Tour to Or Shalem (11/19/11) [Myrath, Arkan, Orphaned Land] (12/05/2011)

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First European tour for those three bands and especially first Oriental Metal Tour in the history of Heavy Metal. Myrath, Arkan and Orphaned Land gathered together so as to propose to the audience a great tour and a great concept about peace in the whole world. A wonderful, sensitive and peaceful approach for those bands with different cultural origins, coming from Israel, Algeria or Tunisia.

It was a show of brotherhood and serenity. Myrath opened the concert with sensuality, playing various tracks from the new and last album « Tales of the Sand ». The beginning was hearty and dynamic with « Sour Sigh », Malek Ben Arbia was as natural as possible with his way of playing guitar, while Zaher Zorgati was very just with his voice. Everyone was perfect but the approximate sound tended to cover up the melodies of the keyboards, which was, to the contrary, perfectly audible on « Madness » from « Desert Call ».

Myrath did not forget to play the best tracks of their new album such as « Merciless Times », in which Zaher was dancing and smiling as a god. The song « Tales of the Sand » was also incredible and magical because of the nice oriental vibe. On « Wide Shut », there was huge energy with greats riffs, the bass guitar was also well mastered, whereas the bashful lovers were jumping around the stage. Finally, Zaher managed to fulfill the wishes of a spectator who wanted Myrath to play « Beyond the Stars » before leaving the stage. I remember the spectator begging in front of him, with a little « please ! ». Consequently, the track was announced in this way by Zaher : « Beyond the Stars…..Please ! ». Anyway, this track was awesome with great atmospheres and good guitar solo.

They gave way to Arkan, composed of French and Algerian musicians. Beginning with some tracks off their new album « Salam », they highlighted this term, for a peaceful show. Both singers, Sarah Layssac (female vocals) and Florent Jannier (agressive vocals), were dynamic and in osmosis with the music, but they were not the most charismatic on the show, because the bass player, Samir Remila, was the most energetic and the most attached to the audience.

They managed to play agressive tracks such as « Origins », « Tied Fates » or « Groans of the Abyss », Sarah replacing Abder Abdallahoum’s voice. The oriental vibe was here, but there were not any folk or oriental instruments, because the band used some samples of their songs. Consequently, in calm tracks such as « Inner Slaves » or « Jerusalem – Sufferpolis », the real instruments were missing.

The other drawback of their show was the pretentious attitude of both singers, who were not as natural and authentic as Myrath’s artists. Moreover, on the track « Deus Vult », normally featuring Kobi Farhi from Orphaned Land, was substituted by Sarah’s voice, the result was as unexpected as it was disappointing.

Fortunately, the audience was involved in the show because Arkan managed to get them to participate : everyone was clapping his hands, singing, screaming and jumping, consequently it was very hearty, cool and nice.

After the last song, it was Orphaned Land’s turn. Kobi appeared like Jesus in his pyjama (i still remember his words « I just love wearing my pyjama ! ». Thanks to their experience and their generous nature, they managed to set fire to the show. « Birth of the Three » was as long as incredible while « From Broken Vessels » was very sensitive. The folk instruments and the keys were also missing, everything was sampled, and it was Yossi Sassi (lead guitar) who plays every oriental note with his guitar, helped by Matti. Kobi and him were the most charismatic artist of the whole show, both were dynamic and technically impeccable, enjoying the concert as much as they could. Of course, the other ones were great too, but the bass and guitar player were not moving at all.

Anyway, everything was convivial and friendly, from « Ocean Land » to « Norra el Norra » or « Treading Through Darkness ». « Sapari » marked the absence of Shlomit Levy and I think everybody would have expected her to come. Her voice was sampled and there was no dance at all. Then, Orphaned Land payed tribute to their friends from Arkan and Myrath by playing the dark but optimistic « Vayehi Or ». I’ve also learnt some anecdotes like for the song « El Meod Na’la », which was in fact a mix of a religious text they heard in a synagogue with a kind of slow heavy metal.

Well inspired and very sensitive, this show was unique and was a perfect expression for brotherhood, gathering three types of religion in one single concert room. A great moment to remember if ever you attend one of their shows.

More pictures HERE

Thanks Karine C. for the pics


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