interview GalloglassGalloglass is one of those few new-generation bands which have brought a freshness to a very exploited style : the melodic power metal, by adding some original elements and more powerful riffs and subtile melodic lines. It’s really pleasant to see and to listen to. Kai Mühlenbruch (guitars) answered to my questions…

Could you made a short chronological account of the story of your band for the fans?
I don´t really understand the question, I´m sorry but:

Kings who Die ? 1999 ? Demo

Legends from now and nevermore ? 2003 ? Debut

Heavenseeker ? 2005 ? 2. Debut :D :D:D just kidding sry :P :P:P

…did you mean this?!

What was the feedback of your preceding album, ‘Legends From Now And Nevermore’?
Man, we all are still amazed by the response of the people on ?Legends…?.

Your second album by Limb Music, ‘Heavenseeker’, has just been released on the last october the 28th. It’s a really strong and powerful album which will surely please the fans of straight melodic power metal. When have you decided to play this kind of music?
I can only talk for myself now. I always wanted to play this stuff. This is why I joined Galloglass. But to me we just started to form a certain kind of style, that we can call our own. We already had some trademarks with ?Legends…? i think. That´s all to me.

Don’t you have thought about changing style while knowing that the german bands doing the same style are very numerous?
No. To us this really was some kind of natural evolution of the band, more and more growing together, because we are all from different more ?heavy? genres.

Many famous bands stemed from Hannover : Scorpions, MSG or Victory….and you, of course. Do you think that the reputation of the “stars-nest” of your city helped you to find a label and to stand appart from the other german power bands?
Well, a nice theorie. But I think, that noone has an advantage in these days, where almost everyone has internet and so on. We are lucky I think, but I don´t think, that it has to do with our hometown. Me for example doesn´t even live in Hannover exactly :P :P:P…No I really don´t think so, but now you brought a big smile to my face. Thanks :)

Let’s talk now about the album : ‘Heavenseeker’ is containing 11 hits, every song being better than the others, really catchy since the 1st listening, with they almost “hymnic” refrains. Did you take a long time to compose this material?
Wow, that really is some honey now :) Thanks a million. Well, we worked really hard on the second album, because it’s almost impossible to top our debut, when not doing our just mentioned evolution. I was necessary to us. But its really hard to say if it took longer. The recording took longer, and we spend more time with arranging. Maybee the answer must be yes…when talkin about the blood and sweat we put into this one, it comes to very very yes :D

And the total time of creation, recording and mixing process?
Impossible to answer, sorry. We were forced to take a break, due to technical problems several time. We are all working besides the music, we had a lot of guests appearences, that had to be planned, blablabla…let´s say, it’s good out of our hands, and we are very pleased with having the album done.

I especially like “Burden Of Grief”, “Dawn Of A New Age”, “At The Shadowcross”, “Heavenseeker”, “Signs” and “Kings Who Die”, but , the most, I like “After Forever”, thanks to its delicate melodies played with violin and to the guttural vocal lines (which appear regularly here), these elements giving it a very tzigane extreme metal. Really pleasant. How was this song born and is it a kind of tribute to the netherlanders of After Forever (who do a bit the same kind of music)?
Hey that´s almost the whole tracklist :D cool! After forever, is a song that Carsten made. I don´t know, if he knows the band. I do not know them. But doesn´t Floor Jansen sing there?! She´s great. But I don´t think Carsten had that on mind while writing the song or the lyrics. By the way the violin arrangements on this on are by Nobby and Harti. Cool huh`?! ;)

The violin can be found almost everywhere on ‘Heavenseeker’, always in a subtile way…we can, then, consider this element as one of your own mark, can’t we?
Actually, Harti is a close friend to us for years now. To me he´s one of the most genious musicians I ever met. Needless to say, we wanted to have his awesome skills on our songs again. He did a great job again, but it was never really planned that it would be used in that way. It all appeared naturally, when we worked things out. But it’s cool, if people say, that we have trademarks. Thanks again :)

Otherwise, a thing which doesn’t do you different from your collegues from german power scene is the length of your tracks which last less than 5 minutes, most of time, except the second and the last 2 songs. Is it easier for you to write short but catchy songs? Wouldn’t you like to put a 7 minutes (or more) epic song on an album?
Many of the songs we´re longer in our demo or pre-production versions. We decided to focus on what exactly we wanted to have them deliver. So it was necessary to take out certain elements, to give certain passages more room for, let me say, breathing. There are a lot of pieces in our music, that you can repeat several times more, than we usually do. We noticed that some other bands do not work this way. That is the reason why we do it ;) )) Maybe there’s a 30-minutes monster on the next album who knows?! It depends on, what the music wants to sound like, and what the songs do to us, while writing them.

Which are the most important elements for you : refrains, melodies or rythmic sections?
To find the right combination is more important, than to focus on one part of the song. We usally keep working on our songs as a whole thing. Not part,part, part…That´s one of the reasons, why it takes a lot of time to finish stuff like this. You have to hear the songs over and over again. If this pisses you off, throw it away, take out the best bits ;)

All the songs have a name which could make people believe that you’re talking about dragons and knights? Is this true? Can you describe all the themes developped in every song? Is there any concept behind the album name?
Well, actually ?Legends…? was planed as a concept album. For those who care, listen closely to ?The Quest? to understand;) Theres no real concept, but an idea that´s followed on ?Heavenseeker? in the songs. The songs are about the fight of good and evil and some have conection to the real live this time. This was not really something new, but new to us ;)

The success of an album is not only based on good songs, but also on a good production, which has to bring back the songs their original aura…’Heavenseeker’ has a excellent, clean and luminous sound, thanks to Norbert Geiseler and Carsten Frank, respectively guitarist and singer. Man can say that it’s an autoproduction…
We are all very pleased and proud about the result. It was necessary for many reasons, to do so. Main reason: money ;)

The cover artwork is really splendid, but who did it?
Carsten again did the job. We are fine with it. Otherwise we would have someone else to do it. There´s a lot of footage on our DVD ?making of …? section, for those who care. A great cover could be cool. But there is no garantee to have a cover that everyone is fine with. An eyecatcher thing is always a plus I think. Often better, than a cover with billions of details and awesome paintings, that noone understands.

Your album has been also released in a limited edition with a bonus DVD : what is the DVD containing?
Oh, yes. It´s limited to 4000 pieces worldwide. This great DigiPack is filled with lots of bonus material. 2 Bonus Tracks, a bigger Booklet with liner notes of every song, a poster and a sticker of the front-cover and finaly a great bonus DVD with a lot of footage on it. For example a complete live concert filmed with 5 cams, a report of the photoshooting for Heavenseeker, a making of (studio report) and more…check it out, its really worth the money!

Concerning the live side, do you have booked some dates in France?
Well, again its hard to answer this question. We always wanted to tour back in time, but do not have the money, and all of us are working besides. Let’s hope that some opportunity comes to us again, we really would love to tour, have been planing something, but had to drop it, because of missing TIME and MONEY. It´s a pity. Please be patient, we are on it.

Now some more personal questions : what is your musical background? Who (musicians and bands) gave you the will to be a musician?
When I first heard AC-DC play, I emedialtly were a cooler and, well… later, perhabs at the age of 10 or so, I first heard the intro lick of ?voodoo chile?,…after that I didn´t want to have a Gibson SG, like Angus, but a cool Fender Strat, like Jimi ;) But I thought, the sound of the wah-wah, came from his Jimi´s guitar, itself:D There are so many of that situations, or persons who inspired me in such ways, It just won´t fit in here. And then again of cause I´m influenced, by those well known bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica,Helloween,etc.

What would be your 10 albums of the year 2005? And of all times?
Sorry but I do not really have any favourites. So it’s kinda hard to say. Due to my studies of the guitar, I´m now again listening to different jazz musicians and I really like it a lot. But it all changes so fast. My all time favs could be maybe something like this, but it changes all the time,…man just 10?!?whatta…:P

1. Spock´s Beard ? Snow

2. Symphony X ? Damnation Game

3. Iron Maiden ? Rock in Rio :P :P:P

4. Manowar ? Kings of metal

5. AcDc ? LIVE:P:P:P:P

6. Sentenced ? Amok

7. In Flames ? Jester Race

8. Michael Manring ? Unusual Weather

9. Freak Kitchen ? Move

10. Stryper ? To hell with the devil

What is your opinion about the german, european and world metal scene?
One thing I didn´t like from the start is, that everyone knows everthing about everyone, always. I´m really fed up with that. On the other hand what I always loved is the feeling on big concerts or festivals. The ?metal-brotherhood? is awesome. The metalfans are the most loyal fans on earth I think, using Joey’s (Manowar) words ;)

What is for you the Spirit of Metal?
Damn, what a question :D BEER! Of course!

Do you have a last thing to say to the readers of Spirit of Metal webzine?
Hey Metallians out there, thanks for your time! Please check out our new album or :) STAY SAFE!!!METAL NEVER DIES!!!

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