December 4th, 2007

Gorgoroth news…


Hi! yesterday, surfing in the web I checked how was going the situation about one of my favorites Black Metal bands ever, Gorgoroth. Not very long time ago, the band has separated, leaving Gaahl & King in one side and Infernus in the other one, then both parts started a fight to keep the name Gorgoroth… well, now I’m not exactly sure about the situation and how things has developed during this time, (specially because those Black Metal artists are so “hermethic”… ) but everything seems like Infernus won the legal fight and kept the name, after all he was the oldest member and one of the founders of the band. For now he is Gorgoroth, but at his new web site we can read he has made the respective additions to the band, and there will be info about it shortly.

By their part, we knew Gaahl and King incorporated to Hellhammer (Mayhem) to their forces, and some days later Nick Barker (ex- Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Testament) joined them too… and so, they adopted the name of “The Force Gorgoroth” wich probably makes reference to what was published in old Gorgoroth’s site when Hellhammer joined this new team:

“Gaahl and King are creating a force which will only contain members of a strong and creative energy in honor of the art that is Gorgoroth and their renewed sense of destruction and war!”

So the new situation is:

Infernus = Gorgoroth
Gaahl & King = The Force Gorgoroth

The new “Gorgoroth” site is … still under construction but it seems it will be nice! And this is the way it looks:

And the new “The Force Gorgoroth” site is . Not very different by the outerside, but entering on it you will find some differences…:

So, they have now their respective web sites, and of course their respective myspaces accounts what you can access from their new sites by visiting the links above… but if you want to know now, these are:
For Gorgoroth,
and for The Force Gorgoroth,

Yeah, I can be happy again , Gorgoroth is back!!And a new and talentfull band conformed by expert artists has born… And for now that’s all I know about it, see you soon!

Black Metal reigns!! \m/

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