New Details Change Solutions About CS4 Photoshop Sep

Automatic mixing layer command was mainly used to mix panorama this function, now as panorama panorama) option appearing alone (image, and stacked the aptly titled) as automatic mixed layer ordered additional an option, used to fusion different exposure, color and focus image.

Such as the camera to large aperture rapid continuous shooting received more than one focus is different, and the shallow depth of the fuzzy) (coke and macro photos, or is filming, then can use this function to many pictures for a completely clear mixture (small aperture, vision deep effect) and after color correct picture.

Relative to the 3d without CS3 function, CS4 support 3d have earth-shaking changes. In the toolbox increased in the two groups of special 3d tool, a group is used to control the 3d object, a group of is used to control the camera. From layer menu adds new 3D postcards (new 3D layer) postcard from the commands, can convert ordinary pictures of 3D objects. And can use tools and joystick to adjust its location, size and Angle, etc.

In CS3, Photoshop has can conveniently import commonly used a 3D software generated 3D objects. And in Photoshop CS4 itself can also generate basic 3d shape, including a pull cans, bottle, hats, and the commonly used some basic shape. The user not only can use materials, still can use directly texture brushes and stamp in three-dimensional object, and drawing on time axis to assist complete 3-d animation and so on, to further advance the 2D and 3D perfect combination.

Shortcuts aspects of the difference also change a lot,
Photoshop CS4 created and modify a lot of shortcuts Settings. Such as Ctrl + Tab can be in more pages between the Tab jump; Ctrl + 1 can switch to 100% display picture, the channel into Ctrl + 2 to Ctrl + 5; H can all screen and enlarge images to quickly switch between; Switch to the screen, click from CS3 F key into four times now become three times by the F key; Shortcuts temporary switch to a tool, loosen can restore after used by tools before; And these shortcuts has been united of Flash and Illustratort software.

Adobe among all the software is received most attention also is the most improvement. CS4 this is really also in response, but after the trial after CS4 Photoshop 3D function, the author has very conscious bought new machine, and configuration of SM4.0 nine of the video card, and support 500G hard disk and high-speed CPU.


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