THE WILDHEARTS – Chutzpah ! – Review

July 30th, 2009 by rockersbasement

If you want sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll The Wildhearts have been there and done that. Turbulence the-wildhearts-chutpah1is not the correct word to explain The Wildhearts troubled past yet Ginger kept the faith. What does the new Wildhearts release CHUTZPAH! Have in store for us?

The Band:

Ginger - Vocals and Guitar

CJ - Guitar

Scott Sorry – Bass

Ritch – Drums

The Jackson Whites power riffing with a cut of mustered. Hot, spicy and clean is the sound that will have you reaching for the Alkaselsa after a fantastic party night out with friends. Excellent pop rock that invites you to party even if your mood is down.

Techno beats of Plastic Jesus then dark heavy grunts from the guitar spliced with broken pieces of new ideas. The Wildhearts embrace and pull from the dance movement from yester era and pump it out with The Wildhearts stamp all over it.

A Green Day style intro to The Only One then the road opens up to a steady cruse. The Wildhearts have covered so much ground within the first three songs that they leave me thinking they have to run out of road but they have the world at their feet.

John Of Violence is big on the chorus where the vocal harmonies are out of this world. The guitar powers along then lighten up with a subtle change that you will miss if you’re distracted for that split second. All this before a simple yet effective guitar break where you hear the true power of the song laying down the pumping beat by Scott.

You Are The Proof That Not All Women Are Insane, not too sure on this song. This could be any American pop punk out fit hitting out a factory-fuelled crowd pleaser.

Ok so The Wildhearts like to mix things up and Tim Smith is the perfect example of this. Anger, Passion and blistering mixture of metal, rock and progressive. The Wildhearts give a master class here of how to write and arrange a song.

Low Energy Vortex opening keys reminded me of Paul Young then I was blown away.

For a British based band The Wildhearts show how global they are with You Took The Sunshine From New York. There does seem to be an American vibe to the over all production of this album. Yet it’s not a bad thing but the more orientated American sounding songs clutters the pantry.

Old school guitar riffs of Mazel Tov Cocktail picks you up and the party is back on.

Chutzpath again took me by surprise. It’s the punk side of The Wildhearts coming out with the fanes of maturity. Awesome noise from the boys.

Track list:

The Jackson Whites

Plastic Jebus

The Only One

John Of Violence

You Are The Proof That Not All Women Are Insane

Tim Smith

Low Energy Vortex

You Took The Sunshine From New York

Mazel Tov Cocktail


Chutzpath! Is an epitaph of the The Wildhearts skill and endurance to produce a great album. If you want the same old same old go and by yourself a Country & western album. The Wildhearts are touring and I for one will be in the crowed.


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