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Voice From The Silence – Symphonity – The Vinrock Review

July 17th, 2009 by Vinrock666

Symphonity’s 2008 LP release “Voice From The Silence” is an emphatic, though highly contrived, concoction of European power metal. There are two stars in this line-up: one is the established singer Olaf Hayer of Luca Turilli fame, and the other is guitarist and main songwriter Libor Krivak. For Hayer, these songs are thrown right in his wheelhouse, and he delivers his disciplined and high pitched pipes in grandiose fashion. Two of his personal highlights would be “Gates Of Fantasy” and “Searching You”. Along with “Give Me Your Helping Hand”, these three anthems are the hooks of the album. Speedy, tightly structured, and heavily influenced in classical guitar, “Give Me Your Helping Hand” is also a cut above the others when you consider the duality of Krivak’s guitar and Ivo Hoffmann’s keys. They really play in perfect harmony, complete with extended rhythm lines, nice scale phrases, and an unlikely but well placed midde east theme in a late break. Along the lines of variety; however, there isn’t a lot of it other than a few piano interludes and a short quote from Mozart on “Evening Star”. Symphonity is also misleading in terms of actual orchestration. Only on a few songs is there evidence of a symphonic background, and of those songs only “The Silence…Part II” is on the level. On the whole, there are very few songs that stand out. Most of them are very straightforward and narrow in scope. There is a sense that with the majority of songs, Symphonity is banking on the listeners’ appreciation for the subgenre to carry them through the album rather than presenting their own interpretation. There is no dispute in terms of playing ability, though, but for Symphonity, “Voice From The Silence” is more of a classical tribute than a classically influenced power metal album.

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